Manufactured Lean in the USA
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Let’s talk talent evolution at Hamilton

Attracting and retaining great talent is a huge concern for so many industries in today’s economy. This is especially true for a family-owned manufacturer like Hamilton, where we find ourselves faced with some happy challenges:

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It turns out American-made cars are the hardest to kill

If you know Hamilton, you know we’ve got a thing for both staying power and patriotism. Not only does Hamilton make the most durable casters and wheels on the planet (we’ve got the industry’s best warranty to prove it). We’re also proud to be American made since 1907.

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Don’t ignore these 7 common workplace safety hazards

If there’s one thing we know about safety, it doesn’t happen by accident. And since June is National Safety Month, we’re hoping you’ll slow down, do a little soul searching and take note of these seven most common safety risks identified by the National Safety Council.

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