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Our new website’s ergo data will cure your sciatica

So you may have noticed that we have a new website. It’s pretty sweet

What you may not have noticed because you can’t get past the stunning photography on our homepage is that we now offer a vast library of ergonomic data and performance metrics that will make your spine tingle. We’re talking ergonomist’s dream here, people.

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Turn up the heat: new high-temp casters and wheels won’t sweat it

Call ‘em hot wheels for work. Call ‘em casters that won’t cook. Whatever you call ‘em, one thing’s for sure: these babies stay cool under pressure.

Hamilton is proud to introduce our new line of high-heat casters and wheels. Built tough to withstand the rigors of extreme temps, they’re ideal for rolling anywhere you want to beat the heat—especially in autoclaves, product finish systems, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, where heat treating and coating is increasingly becoming the norm.

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Urethane wheels rock and roll any application

If polyurethane wheels had their own playlist, “Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones would definitely top the list. Why? Because a wheel’s startup force—or rollability—can vary significantly based on the type of poly tread used.

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