Industrial Casters

One of Hamilton caster's oldest mottoes, "Put it on Wheels and Keep it Moving", retains as much meaning now as ever. As the oldest and most basic tool of material handling, the industrial caster still holds the key to productivity improvement in hosts of applications. And thanks to the modest cost and flexibility of the industrial caster, it remains the most popular and most affordable answer to all kinds of handling problems. Consider just a few of the benefits provided by industrial casters:

  • Increased productivity and profits. Non-productive handling time is slashed and in-process materials are kept "on the move"-without major capital outlays.
  • Improved space utilization. Like manpower, space is an expense that must be utilized efficiently. Casters go anywhere... forward or back-ward...even up or down in some new stacking systems.
  • Safer working conditions. Properly designed casters are readily controlled, reducing hazards often associated with make-shift handling or even with certain highly engineered systems.
  • Flexibility. Casters surpass the most expensive "fixed" systems in their ability to adapt to changing production methods, product mix, or even a complete change of plans or location.
  • Load protection. By preventing unnecessary rehandling, and by keeping goods from being dragged or abused by the wrong kind of powered equipment, casters can lessen the incidence of damage.