Custom Solutions

Got a thorny, hellish or colossal job? Tame it with a custom Hamilton

When boilerplate won't do, Hamilton designs and builds custom casters and wheels to conquer the heaviest, grittiest, and most complex jobs. The most efficient answer to your material handling problem could also be a caster or wheel somewhat different in configuration, size or capacity from the many standard models shown on this website.

Try us on for size and gain access to our in-house caster and wheel manufacturing facility with complete machine shop, robotic welding, metalworking and fabrication operations. Probability is high that we can produce exactly what you need and at a competitive price. See the link above to learn about just a few of the many custom casters and wheels we've built over the years.

Specifying casters and wheels can be challenging because often times the questions to ask are not so obvious. We want to make it easy so we compiled the most important questions and developed this caster and wheel specification worksheet.

To see our custom engineering and manufacturing in action check out The Colossus: Creating the 50 Ton Capacity Heavy Duty Caster.