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Our new website’s ergo data will cure your sciatica

Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018

So you may have noticed that we have a new website. It’s pretty sweet

What you may not have noticed because you can’t get past the stunning photography on our homepage is that we now offer a vast library of ergonomic data and performance metrics that will make your spine tingle. We’re talking ergonomist’s dream here, people.

We’ve tested our most popular wheels for manual operation to bring you the 411 on everything from startup/maintain forces to load distribution and footprint. Nobody else in the industry provides this level of filterable detail at your fingertips—data down to the specific wheels size and corresponding caster at incremental loads. You’ll also find a new four-factor rating system for each caster and wheel based on rollability, durability, floor preservation, and quiet operation.

Start your search now by clicking on the Wheels section of and choosing “Ergonomics” in the dropdown menu.

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