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How a Hamilton collab put these custom wheels back on track to triumph

Thursday, Apr 25, 2024

A little detective work and a dash of collaboration can go a long way in the world of custom wheel design. Take, for example, our recent project with a mobile home manufacturer grappling with a frustrating issue: their track wheels were failing at an alarming rate. But thanks to the keen eye of Motion rep, Eddie Silvey, and the diligence of Hamilton Inside Sales Rep Chris Lippert, our engineers “nailed” a better solution.

Silvey’s previous welding experience led him to suspect that the track wheel failure might be due to the way its sprockets were attached. Instead of welding the steel sprocket to the cast wheel, Silvey wondered: Could Hamilton either weld the sprocket onto a steel wheel or, even better, bolt it to the wheel?

Challenge accepted, Eddie. Our team got to work designing a solution that would address the root cause. The result? Our new custom Double Flanged Track Wheel design, featuring a bolted connection between the sprocket and a steel version of the wheel, ensures a rock-solid bond that’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use for even the most demanding home building project.

Now that’s what we call working together for a solution that tracks well!

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