Heavy Duty Casters

Maxi-Duty Casters
Series MD — Cap. to 20,000 lbs.

maxi duty casters: heavy duty caster #S-MD-84FST Swivel showing Forged Steel wheel

Move up to 10 tons on Maxi-Duty heavy duty casters, designed and built for the toughest applications including shipbuilding, manufactured housing, automotive and aerospace. Long life and dependable service are assured with Hamilton Caster's premium forged steel swivel construction. All forged steel wheels are machined with a slight crown to enhance rollability and swiveling.

v-groove wheels
#R-MD-104FVH Rigid showing V-Groove wheel Rigid models feature reinforced 3/8" x 5" plate steel legs, continuously welded inside and outside to 1/2" thick mounting plates.

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Enhanced Precision Super Duty Casters
Series EPSD — Cap. to 10,000 lbs.

forged steel casters: heavy duty casters
#S-EPSD-84FST Swivel w/ Forged Steel Wheel
The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is all new – new tooling, new dies, new swivel technology! The new EPSD Series is a handsome caster with good proportions and balance. The series is a significant upgrade from the PSD Series it replaces and is better positioned to outperform in applications suited between our Maxi-Duty (MD) and Extra Heavy Duty (EHD) Series.

The unit load bearing has been replaced with new HPI™ Swivel Technology that has been proven superior to designs with unit load bearings. The new EPSDalso features a slightly larger top plate with slotted holes to accommodate the former PSD Series bolt pattern and adds an additional bolt pattern popular in the industry.
wheel and caster
#R-EPSD-83NYB Rigid w/Nylast™ Wheel.
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Mini-Mite™ Casters 
Series MM - Cap. to 10,000 lbs.



Hamilton is proud to introduce the new Mini-Mite caster for those applications that demand an extremely low overall height and an incredibly high capacity. Each Mini-Mite caster stands only 6" tall and supports up to 10,000 lbs. Hamilton engineers accomplished this feat using kingpinless swivel construction with an immense 6" diameter raceway. The raceways are CNC-machined and hardened to handle the extra capacity. The caster wheel is a 4" x 3" wide 1045 steel roller and inside are four bearings: (2) needle thrust and (2) needle roller. The outside diameter of the ring is 7 1/4" and there are four 1/2-13 holes for mounting 3" x 3" wide. The rig and wheel are painted battleship gray enamel.
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Extra Heavy Duty Casters
Series EHD — Cap. to 4,000 lbs.

forged steel casters: heavy duty casters
#S-EHD-83DH Swivel showing Duralast® wheel.

Double Sealed Precision Ball Bearings are now standard in Duralast® and Poly-Soft® wheel types in all of Hamilton’s forged steel casters, (excluding 2-1/2 wheel widths). These bearings provide far better rollability compared to straight roller bear-ings and maintenance costs are reduced because greasing is not required.

A popular PRONTO®Option on the EHD series is the 4-position swivel lock (-4SL) .

Hamilton's popular Extra Heavy Duty casters are widely recognized for their superior performance, wide selection, and reliable ser-vice. The extra heavy duty caster's extra thick hot forgings, guaranteed-for-life integrally forged kingpin and precision tapered thrust bearing combine to defy comparison. Yet high volume enables us to price these superior products among the lowest priced casters in their class. Also available in a dual-wheeled version.heavy duty casters

This heavy duty face contact brake (-ZB) is new to Hamilton Caster's brake offerings and is available PRONTO®on most of our forged steel and cold forged casters. The new -ZB brake is made from 3/16" x 2" plate steel and represents Hamilton’s most effective friction-based brake.

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Champion Casters
Series CH — Cap. to 3,500 lbs.

forged steel casters #S-CH-8DH Swivel showing Duralast® wheel Named after a caster introduced in the 1950's, Hamilton‘s Champion Casters will be recognized for their superior performance, wide selection, and reliable service. As with all Hamilton forged steel casters, the Champion’s 1" integrally forged steel kingpin is guaranteed for life.  
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Extended Service Casters
Series ES — Cap. To 2,400 lbs.

forged steel casters #S-ES-6DH Swivel showing Duralast® wheel When grueling loads and continuous operations exist, Hamilton's Extended Service Casters with standard heat-treated raceways extend caster life. This makes Series ES Casters an excellent choice for use on in-plant trailers, towline carts or AGV systems. Features integrally forged steel kingpin —guaranteed for life.  
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ForgeMaster™ Casters
Series FM — Cap. to 2,200 lbs.

forged steel casters #S-FM-8RH Swivel showing Moldon Rubber wheel Hamilton's ForgeMaster™ Casters were designed to match popular industry mounting plate, bolt hole and overall height specifications. However, the precision tapered thrust bearing and guaranteed-for-life integrally forged kingpin design make it superior to the double ball race casters in its class.  
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Heavy Service Casters
Series HS — Cap. to 2,000 lbs.

forged steel casters: heavy duty casters #S-HS-6SPB Swivel showing New Poly-Soft® wheel Hamilton’s Heavy Service Casters are the toughest casters you can buy in the 2" wide wheel class because of their premium drop forged steel construction. Popularity of this series continues to grow due to the comprehensive range of wheel types, sizes and optional extras available, including heat-treated raceways and dual-wheel model s.  
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Workhorse Casters
Series WH -- Cap. to 2,000 lbs.

forged steel casters #S-WH-6D Swivel showing Duralast® wheel The Workhorse combines the forged steel strength of Hamilton's HS Caster Series and the bolt hole pattern of the Standard Duty 52 Series. The drop forged steel swivel caster construction includes a 3/4" diameter integrally forged steel kingpin (guaranteed for life!), and a precision secondary load bearing.When your application is too tough for the Standard Duty 52 Series, but you need to match its specifications, Workhorse is up to the challenge.  
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Spring Loaded Casters
Series SP — Cap. to 1,630 lbs.

forged steel casters
#S-SPCH-10DB-2 Swivel showing Duralast® wheel
Hamilton's newly available shock absorbing casters are built on the proven and reliable Champion, Workhorse and Heavy Service swivel caster platforms. This means you have lots of flexibility if you need to match an existing bolt hole pattern or a specific capacity range. The unique and simple design enables Hamilton to offer these at extremely competitive prices. Spring loaded casters offer many benefits. These include protecting delicate cargo from shock and vibration, reducing noise levels, reducing wear on floors and extending caster, wheel and bearing life.The legs are slotted such that the axle “floats” up and down as the wheel encounters obstacles. Since the spring is pre-loaded, the minimum capacity is required to cause the spring to yield. (A load under the minimum capacity may not result in any absorption of shock.)  
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