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Cush-N-Tuf (4000)

Capacity: 450 - 850 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 8" - 10"
  • Medium soft rubber on plastic centers
  • Stamped raceways
  • Economical choice

Cush-N-Flex (8000)

Capacity: 300 - 800 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 6" - 12"
  • Extra soft rubber on alumium center
  • Resemble pneumatics, puncture proof
  • Heavy duty or medium duty rigs

Ground Support (7500)

Capacity: 1500 - 4200 lbs.
Tire Diameters: 10" - 21"
  • Heavy duty solid pneumatic tires
  • CNC machined forgings
  • Cushion loads over rough surfaces

Dual-Whl Ground Support

Capacity: 2000 - 8400 lbs.
Tire Diameters: 10" - 21"
  • Double capacity of single wheel version
  • More stability due to wider stance
  • CNC Machined drop forged construction

Semi & Solid Pneumatic Casters
Avoid the fear of flat tires and cushion your load with Hamilton’s Semi and Solid Pneumatic Casters. Hamilton’s Cush-N-Tuf® Casters feature cold forged casters equipped with economical Ace-Tuf® wheels. For more rigorous applications, choose Hamilton’s tough 8000 Series casters with Cush-N-Flex® wheels—thick 60-durometer rubber bonded to aluminum cores. And for rugged towing applications and large diameter wheels, Hamilton offers a wide range of solid pneumatic casters—both in single-wheel and dual-wheel configurations. All models are available for PROINTO same-day/next-day shipping.