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Polyurethane  202Expand to view Series
Capacity Range: 475 - 9000 lbs.
Carries higher capacities than rubber, outwears rubber and offers floor protection and quiet operation. Liquid cast in 3/8" or 1" thicknesses on cast iron, aluminimun, or forged steel centers.

Capacity Range: 200 - 10,000 lbs.
Easy rolling, high capacity, economical, chemical resistant and floor protective in intermittent operation. Choose from nylon, phenolic or polyolefin materials.

Capacity Range: 380 - 16,000 lbs.
Industry's most comprehensive offering of V-Groove & Flanged wheels . Loads are taken off the floor permitting higher capacities, easier rolling, floor protection, and controlled flow all at the same

Rubber  201Expand to view Series
Capacity Range: 200 - 3000 lbs.
Solid cushion rubber tires molded onto iron, aluminum, or plastic centers provide, rugged, long wearing wheels that are widely used on industrial equipment.
Metal  63Expand to view Series
Capacity Range: 250 - 23,000 lbs.
Offers the highest capacity & tensile strength of any other category. Easiest rolling sans floor protection and popular for high heat applications. Forged Steel, Cast Iron, & Stainless Steel.

Capacity Range: 300 - 4200 lbs.
The category for best cushioning, these wheels work well on rough and uneven surfaces, turn quietly, and protect floors.

Capacity Range: 2500 - 14,400 lbs.
Solid tires are chemically bonded to replaceable steel rims which are "pressed on" to heavy duty cnc-machined metal centers.

Floor locks are an easy, low-cost method of preventing castered equipment from accidentally rolling away from a desired position. Also find replacement caster & wheel hardware such as axles, bearings, and spanner bushings.