Why Hamilton

Why Select Hamilton?

Ranked #1 in Product Quality
Many companies tout their products and services as “the best”. But we feel our customer evaluations are more meaningful. Two market perception studies sponsored by New Equipment Digest and Industrial Equipment News measured the markets perceptual understanding of the following factors:

Quality/Reliability Competitive Pricing
Delivery/Timeliness Backup/Support
Rep's Technical Knowledge  

Hamilton outscored the other major caster manufacturers in every single category. These results are not our opinions; rather they reflect sentiments of customers like you.

Three Year Product Warranty
Hamilton Caster has a lot of confidence in the quality and endurance of its casters and wheels. We're so confident that we are proud to offer an industry-leading three year product warranty on most forged steel casters and industrial wheels. This guarantees the original purchaser of select Hamilton products a three year limited warranty from the date of original invoice against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

This three-year warranty covers all Hamilton casters in the following series with Forged Steel, Metal, Duralast®, Duralast® XC, Poly-Soft®, Superlast® XC, Ultralast™, and Super Ultralast™ wheels equipped with either precision ball bearings or precision tapered bearings: MD, MDD, EPSD, SEC, EHD, CH, HS2, EHD2, ES, FM, EHS, HS, WH, EC.

All model numbers covered by this new warranty are identified in the selection tables with the superscript ‘3YR’. Those select casters and wheels covered under the warranty shown to be unserviceable due to defects in materials or workmanship within three years from date of purchase will be repaired or replaced, at the option of the manufacturer, without charge for materials or labor (excludes cost of freight to and from the Hamilton Caster manufacturing facility).

For full warranty details, click here.

HPI™ Swivel Technology

Hamilton Precision Integrated or HPI™ represents Hamilton's next generation swivel technology found on many of our forged steel caster series.  Our HPI™ technology out performs conventional CNC-machined ball raceways, kingpinless, and unit load bearing swivel constructions. The new design improves the bearing’s element of contact and more than doubles the number of contact points. The new HPI™ raceways are also 45% harder than conventional hardened raceways and the surface finish is an incredibly smooth 16 micro inches.

Many of our popular forged steel caster series have been upgraded and HPI™ is now standard equipment on the MD, MDD, EHD, & ES Series and the New EPSD and EHS Series. Most of our other standard series can be upgraded to HPI™ as an option.

Same Day PRONTO®

At Hamilton we understand that fast delivery is critical. Way back in 1967 the leaders of Hamilton Caster recognized just how critical, and the PRONTO® Quick Ship Program was born. Now more than 40 years later, Hamilton's PRONTO® Service is unrivaled in the industry.

When using our wesbite, look for the following symbol in our selection tables: = available PRONTO®PRONTO® is your assurance of SAME-DAY service on casters and wheels, and 2-3 day service on trucks - all for no extra charge.

For those caster and wheel orders phoned, faxed, or e-mailed by 12:00 noon EST, we pledge to ship your order the same day!

The choice of an optional accessory, or a non-PRONTO® superstructure or size, may remove an item from PRONTO® shipment. Wheels offering a wide variety of bearing and bore sizes are available PRONTO® only with the size noted in red. Because the purpose is to serve the maximum numbers of customers, PRONTO® Service does not apply to extra large quantity orders. There is no extra charge for PRONTO® shipment, but this service cannot be maintained on orders mixing PRONTO® and non-PRONTO® items.

Guaranteed Priority Service: Sometimes circumstances require an even higher level of service. For mission critical or emergency situations, you should request our extra cost PRIORITY Service that guarantees an accelerated ship date for non-stock extended delivery items. PRIORITY Service essentially expedites your order to the front of the production line and we guarantee your order with a firm ship date based on an accelerated schedule. (Though we cannot guarantee the freight carrier’s performance, we will use agreed upon routing.
To obtain guaranteed PRIORITY Service, you must obtain a commitment from one of Hamilton’s inside sales persons and arrange the agreed upon ship date. Since this priority service is guaranteed, if we fail to ship as promised, we’ll contact you to be sure the order is still firm and that no routing change is desired. We will then ship as directed without charging the extra fee.

100 Years of Excellence

"There’s no substitute for experience -- ours, or yours". Thus reads a Hamilton advertising slogan expressing how experience benefits the customer. Hamilton’s fourth-generation family owned and managed enterprise is well balanced to leverage its long history of designing and manufacturing casters, wheels, and floor trucks. Today’s customers benefit in very real ways from the improvements in design such as new swivel technology with HPI™, discovering new polyurethane materials found in the new Ultralast™, and implementing processes such as Lean Manufacturing to optimize the velocity of our customers’ value stream. Today’s generation of Hamilton leaders are committed to staying focused, nimble, and current as we pursue our next 100 years.

Hamilton and the Environment

Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet. Hamilton Caster recognizes its responsibility as a U.S. based manufacturer and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we create.

Hamilton has chosen to use low volatile organic compound (VOC) enamels to finish the majority of our product which have minimal environmental impact as compared to zinc plating that most of our competitors use on the majority of their caster rigs. To minimize the environmental impact, Hamilton believes zinc plating should be offered only when the application requires it and not carte blanche.

Furthermore, more than 95% of the waste generated in producing our product is recycled. Whether it be our steel chips being recycled to make more steel or our wood chips being used as beds for the local horse farms, we are committed to keeping our products and our activities environmentally sound.



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Three Year Warranty