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This homegrown CNC router is a cut above

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

As a company that uses large-format CNC routers in our own operations, we were pretty excited to come across this inexpensive yet powerful CNC router for home use. Called Maslow, it’s a large (4’ x 8’) automated cutting machine that uses digitally generated designs to cut objects out of wood with extreme precision—everything from furniture and kayaks to a tiny tree house.

Bringing open source CNCs routers to the masses is a breakthrough move, since CNCs for home use have typically been elusive and expensive. The creators, Hannah Teagle and Bar Smith, develope Maslow through an initial Kickstarter campaign, with the goal of delivering a CNC that could fit in a one car garage, cost under $500 and be cheap and easy to ship. Maslow uses gear-reduced DC motors with encoders and a closed-loop feedback system to achieve high accuracy and high torque.

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