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How to feel safe in an unsafe world? Torque striping

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

Here at Hamilton, we can’t claim to solve world peace or make the clowns in your closet disappear. But we can make our customers sleep a little easier knowing the bolts on their industrial applications are safe and secure.

That’s because we offer torque striping on demand as an added safety feature. You’ll find torque striping on applications such as large tractor engines and mission aerospace equipment. Think of it like a wax seal of safety for industrial use.

We apply a colorful strip of thin lacquer to a bolt/nut to indicate it has been torqued to the proper value. Once cured, the stripe stays pliable under extreme temperatures and vibrations. If the stripe moves or separates, you know the bolt has come loose or been compromised in some way—and it’s time for another tightening.

That means no more wasted time checking bolt torques during inspection. Torque striping is a secure, visual indication that things are tight and right.

Got questions about torque striping? Feel free to email John Yater.

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