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Platform Trucks

Non-powered 4-wheel platform trucks and 2-wheel hand trucks--and their close relatives, power-towed trailers--are today's biggest bargains in material handling equipment. They can be invaluable for short-term storage and short-distance, intermittent moves.

Platform trucks and trailers that are going to perform best and last longest may sometimes cost a little more to buy. But they almost always provide the lowest cost in the long run. Longer life, less downtime, lower maintenance and repair cost, and greater productivity far outweigh initial cost savings.

While Hamilton products have long been respected for the quality materials and skilled workmanship they exhibit, their success begins with design expertise. Unprofessional designs, on the other hand, often result in trucks that are inefficient awkward, or even unsafe. Perhaps the most penny-wise, pound-foolish mistake of all is seen in trucks that have been equipped with casters and wheels of inferior quality; for how can a vehicle be any better than the running gear that gives it mobility?

The most efficient answer to your material handling problem could be a unit somewhat different in configuration, size or capacity from the many standard models shown in this catalog. Hamilton excels in the design and manufacture of custom-engineered trucks and trailers. Our complete machine shop, metalworking department, woodworking facilities, and contiguous caster and wheel plant enable us to produce exactly what you need, and at competitive prices.

As a manufacturer of its own comprehensive line of industrial casters and wheels, Hamilton can let you "customize" your truck's running gear from its vast inventory at no penalty in price.

platform trucks and trailers from Hamilton Caster