Manufactured Lean in the USA
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DiameterFaceTypeSwivel Model NumberMSRPLoad Capacity (lbs.)Overall HeightWeight
52Duralast®S-MS-5DB$7911006 1210
52Ergo-GlideS-MS-5SPB$878406 1210
52MetalS-MS-5MB$6312506 1212
52Moldon RubberS-MS-5R$663506 129
52PlastexS-MS-5P$4710006 127
52Poly-Tech®S-MS-5NF$526006 127
52Versa-Tech®S-MS-5TE$493506 127
52White NylonS-MS-5WNB$576 127
62Duralast®S-MS-6DB$8012007 1214
62Ergo-GlideS-MS-6SPB$899007 1214
62Ergo-Tech™S-MS-62EMB$708007 1210
62MetalS-MS-6MB$6512507 1213
62Moldon RubberS-MS-6R$614107 1210
62PlastexS-MS-6P$4912007 129
62Poly-Tech®S-MS-6NF$548007 128
62Versa-Tech®S-MS-6TE$514107 128
62White NylonS-MS-6WNB$587 128
82Duralast®S-MS-8DB$9712509 1216
82Ergo-GlideS-MS-8SPB$10512509 1216
82Ergo-Tech™S-MS-82EMB$9910009 1212
82MetalS-MS-8MB$7812509 1220
82Moldon RubberS-MS-8R$715009 1213
82PlastexS-MS-8P$5412509 1210
82Poly-Tech®S-MS-8NF$599009 129
82Versa-Tech®S-MS-8TE$595009 129
82White NylonS-MS-8WNB$689 1210

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