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U better believe we can custom design U-Groove wheels.

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017

Our extensive line of V-grooved wheels—industrial beauties that run on inverted angle iron tracks—are big sellers here at Hamilton when you want a more guided ride. But you should also know that Hamilton can manufacture U-Groove wheels upon request, too.

Why U-Groove, U ask? U-Groove wheels are a better option when you need to roll smoothly on round tubing or pipe, such as when you’re working with crane cables. They’re also commonly used on rolling gates and doors. Hamilton can machine U-Groove wheels to spec size (up to 25” diameter) in up to six different materials: nylon (see photo), polyurethane, UHMW, aluminum, steel or stainless steel.

Got a technical drawing or a new application that needs some U-Groove love? Use the idler wheel or drive wheel diagram below for reference then reach out to one of our sales engineers, and we’ll create your custom wheel from scratch.

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