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Five Subtle Signs You Need New Casters

Monday, Mar 26, 2012

Most of your customers probably only think about replacing a wheel if it falls off the caster. But that’s not the only warning of impending doom. Here’s a cheat sheet with five subtle signs that it might be time to call Hamilton:

  1. 1. Treads eating silver shavings? In settings where metal shavings are part of the floor décor, your wheels might be in trouble. Shavings destroy treads by virtually eating them alive. Choose a wheel type that offers resistance, like Poly-Soft® or Duralast® XC.
  2. 2. Wheels suffering from the elements? Phenolic wheels are what you’d call hydrophobic. They deteriorate in water, oils and chemicals. Use wheels designed for a liquid environment, like Nylast (nylon), Unilast (solid elastomer) or Aqualite (polyolefin).
  3. 3. Carts making you deaf? If a cart is so loud you can’t hear over it, the tread might be worn down, or the wrong wheels were installed. We can build nearly any caster or wheel for quiet operation.
  4. 4. Ball bearings gone rogue? Casters can loosen over time, allowing ball bearings to escape. If you see large gaps where the ball raceways are, it’s time to buy replacements. Without any ball bearings, your caster won’t swivel.
  5. 5. Carts causing back aches? If a shot of grease doesn’t fix that once-easy-to-push cart, you should replace the casters and wheels. Causes might be lack of regular lubrication, flat spots on the wheels, or bearing failure.

These aren’t the only indicators, but they’re a good place to start if a customer has used the same casters for years. Have questions about choosing the right replacements? Give us a call. 1-888-699-7164

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