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Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Running Gear

Monday, Mar 26, 2012

Here’s a scary scenario we see everyday: A customer buys an expensive cart, and, to save cash, he slaps on the cheapest casters and wheels. Uh oh. Help your customers protect their investment and choose high quality, professionally designed running gear from Hamilton that offer the lowest long-term cost. Here’s why:

  • • Running gear makes carts mobile. Does it make sense to skimp on a rig’s vital organs?
  • • Longer life, less downtime, lower maintenance and greater productivity outweigh the initial cost savings.
  • • Inferior products and designs usually result in inefficient, awkward and unsafe carts.
  • • Superior roll ability means fewer workplace injuries like back strains or worse.

And don’t forget: Running gear arrangements are just as important as the wheels and casters. At Hamilton Caster, we offer six different setups suited for just about any environment and load capacity. Here’s how to pick the perfect arrangement:

How to Pick Running Gear Arrangements

  • • Four-wheel caster steer: Two swivel and two rigid casters. Our most popular style. It’s economical, and easily turned or pushed straight, and trails well.
  • • Four-wheel diamond pattern: All rigid casters. Tilt-type that turns on center wheels. Lowest cost and suitable for light loads.
  • • Six-wheel tilt or non-tilt: Four swivel and two rigid casters. Recommended for heavy loads and extra long trucks. Turns in its own length.
  • • Four-wheel non-tilt: All swivel casters. Can be maneuvered in any direction. Ideal for confined areas, but swivel locks recommended for straight-line control.
  • • Four-wheel diamond pattern: Two rigid and two swivel casters. Highly maneuverable. Usually tilt-type, can be non-tilt. Not recommended for ramps.
  • • Wagon (fifth-wheel steer): Features large axle-mounted wheels for heavy loads. Usually power towed.

Have questions about choosing the perfect running gear? Let us help. 1-888-699-7164

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