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Gargantuan in-line wheels stay on track

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

Roll with it. That phrase applies in more ways than one to a recent custom application we created for a Canadian design firm.

Roll with the challenges.
The end customer—an oil refinery—needed to upgrade its 30,000 lb. trolleys to accommodate a much larger load of heat exchangers. Since part of the application path ran outdoors, we needed to ensure a smooth ride. And to make things even more interesting, the trolley had to roll on steel gauge rails the size of train tracks. Normally, we would have added more casters underneath the trolley bed to distribute the load evenly (the advantage of doing more casters is you can use smaller wheels). But we didn’t have the clearance underneath because the heat exchangers occupied that space. Twist our arm…we needed to create bigger wheels.

Roll big or go home.
Of course, we could have gone with four humongous wheels. But we got creative and came up with a unique flanged inline dual-wheel design. Unlike a dual-wheel caster that features wheels side by side, this caster, rated up to 95,000 lbs., runs with back-to-back wheels that support each other. Not only does the giant load roll smoothly on the tracks, but it stays level on uneven outdoor ground.

Watching our team assemble these truly immense casters was like being front and center at an industrialized sumo wrestling match. It was a truly championship display of brute strength, complete with cranes, torque wrenches, sledge hammers and mallets.

Muscle, hustle and ingenuity. That’s how we roll.

Check out these winning specs:

  • Description: Special Flanged In-Line Caster
  • Capacity: 95,000 pounds when used on ASCE 60 lb. rail at speeds of 1 MPH or less
  • Running Gear: 2 each, 16" x 3-5/8" Single Flanged Track
  • Wheel diameter: 17.5”
  • Mounting plate: 14” W x 20” L x 1.5” thick

Whether you need a custom caster for a unique application, or something more standard, Hamilton can solve any material-handling challenge. Let’s talk.

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