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Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017

“On the personal side, having a new granddaughter born in 2017 is most exciting. The Hamilton Caster family grew this year, too. Thanks to an increase in business, one retirement, and a couple of younger folks making career changes, we have seven new family members. Each brings an outside perspective and new vigor to the table. Just like a sports team, each fills a particular role to help this family company meet and exceed expectations. I am most thankful that our veterans welcome the newbies with open arms and do everything possible to help them succeed.”

“I look forward to a 2018 where our Hamilton Caster family delivers solutions and performs at record-setting levels. As our customers succeed, we will succeed.”

Steve Lippert, Executive Vice President:

“On the personal side, we now have two grandchildren under two years old, and we covet our time with them. This year has been professionally rewarding as we close out our 110th year of business establishing a new sales record.

For 2018, I know we will have a third grandchild in February. That is the most exciting news! As for the business side, I’m working on a major new initiative with a new distributor alliance. This energizes me, as I derive great satisfaction from my professional working relationships.”

Jim Lippert, Vice President, Sales:

“I am most thankful for a prosperous year at Hamilton Caster—and a total team effort from our people. We are beginning to see the fruits of a lot of hard ground work laid over the past few years. Additionally, it’s been inspiring to watch Hamilton employees step up to meet challenges along the way. The entire production team “stemmed the tide” to meet our shipping orders during a particularly hectic time. When we experienced leaves of absence from key personnel, others doubled down to keep the train moving. And, finally, when our clients wanted more, our people were there to make important quality improvements. It’s been a rewarding 2017.

I am looking forward to continued growth in 2018. Our cart/trailer division is poised for a much bigger year. And with our continued efforts in lean manufacturing, I’m confident that Hamilton Caster will become an even more nimble and profitable company.”

Mark Lippert, Vice President, Marketing:

“I am most thankful for my two beautiful daughters (ages 8 and 4) who have brought incredible joy to me and my wife this past year. I am also thankful for the amazing team I work with here at Hamilton. They have demonstrated unwavering commitment and endurance during a record-breaking sales year.

Now that my daughters giggle with joy when our favorite babysitter shows up, I look forward to more dinners out with my wife. I am also looking forward to debuting an all-new Hamilton website next month that's been in the works for two years. Finally, I’m excited for the release of many new products that have been in development this past year.”

--Happy Holidays to all of you from your friends at Hamilton Caster.

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