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This monster Boeing drone can schlep a 500-pound payload

Monday, Jan 29, 2018

Since bone-crushing loads are our business, we couldn’t ignore this news flash about Boeing’s new unmanned cargo air vehicle (CAV) prototype with a prodigious payload. A fully electrical octocopter that can carry 500 pounds of cargo, this demon drone pretty much dwarfs the one you got for Christmas. It weighs nearly 750 pounds and measures 15 feet long by 18 feet wide by 4 feet tall—the largest cargo drone prototype ever made.

It took a team of engineers less than three months to design and build this big-rig of the skies. It’s powered by an environmentally-friendly electric propulsion system and features eight counter rotating blades designed for vertical takeoff and landing. With it, Boeing hopes to revolutionize the future of shipping goods via autonomous air travel. The goal is to extend into a large-scale cargo platform.

Maybe we’ll consider it as part of our PRONTO® same-day shipping service when the time is right.

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