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This Onewheel electric skateboard is one sweet ride

Sunday, Nov 25, 2018

You may know Adam Savage from his 14-year-stint as co-host of Mythbusters, the Discovery Channel show that skyrocketed him to nerd fame everywhere. These days, he’s a regular on where he builds props, visits studios and more.

We got a kick out of watching Adam design and build his very own Onewheel + XR—an electric skateboard after our own wheel-loving hearts—at the San Francisco Bay Area factory where they’re made.

The Onewheel is like a skateboard, unicycle and balance board all in one that allows you to “surf the streets” wherever you go. With a 17-mile charge, the battery-driven Onewheel can top out at 15 mph, thanks to its Hypercore brushless hub motor housed within the wheel itself. According to founder Kyle Doerksen, an electromechanical engineer and board sports enthusiast, the Onewheel represents the new wave in personal mobility. “This is like the PC stage of transportation,” he said. “We’ve been on mainframes—cars—for generations. But we’re now seeing the development of all these niche transportation modes, like Onewheel.”

Consider it the new hipster way to commute to work.

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