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Just call our new high-speed, high-capacity caster and wheel series greased lightening

Thursday, Oct 10, 2019

A wise man once said: “There are no speed limits on the road to success.” We couldn’t agree more. And apparently, so do our customers. Too many have tried to push our normally 3-mph-rated caster and wheels past their speed limits to no good end. Up until now, we’ve only been able to offer custom designs for higher-speed applications. Those days are over.

It’s time to blaze new paths with Hamilton’s all-new super heavy duty, high-capacity caster and wheel series—rated up to a whopping 10mph. No longer will you have to sweat the details when you want to high-tail heavy parts like aerospace monstrosities across manufacturing floors, worrying about whether or not the casters or wheels will buckle under the pressure.

This new series moves fast. It moves tough. And it moves safe. We’re introducing a total of 9 new products, while expanding one more. Here’s a quick rundown of each in all its 10-mph glory:

Wheels rated up to 10 mph

Rubber Treads

Renegade™ Black Rubber Press-On Wheels. Great for rough and tumble outdoor applications.

Renegade™ White Rubber Press-On Wheels. A quiet ride that won’t damage floors.

Polyurethane Treads

Renegade™ Press-on Poly. For general purpose indoor applications. Ultrafast flat spot run-out, less vibration.

Renegade™ MAX Poly. Highest tear resistance, best for extra-tough terrain like gravel or floors with coarse debris.

Renegade™ Ultra Press-on Poly. Ideal for continuous (24/7) and/or outdoor applications.

Casters rated up to 10 mph

Spinfinity® Maintenance-Free Super Endurance Casters. Combines our Renegade™ wheels smooth swivel and flawless shock absorption.

Spinfinity® Maintenance-Free Super Endurance Dual Wheel Casters. Dual wheels provide much more load capacity, more stability and lower overall height.

Spinfinity® Maxi-Duty Kingpinless Casters. All Renegade. All shock-absorbing. 100% maintenance-free.

Spinfinity(RM) Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Kingpinless Casters. Dual it up for higher load capacity.

Baby, we were born to run.

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