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Who’s man enough to ride this giant drone?

Sunday, Feb 23, 2020

As you know, bigger is more beautiful in our book. So this video is right up our alley:

A giant manned racing drone pulling stomach-churning loops and rolls at 87 mph above the skies of Croatia. It’s about 16 feet long, boasts 217 brake horsepower and can carry up to 368 pounds at takeoff.

The creators behind Drone Champions League, the world’s largest live drone racing league, wondered what it would be like to actually fly a drone. So they created one big enough to ride and called it “Big Drone,” the world’s first full aerobatic drone. Built to promote the League’s drone video game, this carbon-made beast is a 12-rotor coaxial multicopter that’s been described as being “like a Formula 1 car in the sky.”

Ready to ride it? The League is currently recruiting people to remotely fly Big Drone from a pool of people playing the video game.

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