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Ready, Set, Drive Wheels

Thursday, Apr 30, 2020

You may not know this, but Hamilton offers custom drive wheels. In fact, we make them all the time. Ideal for power transmission applications, the customizations are infinite: v-grooves, keyways, setscrews, tapered locking bushings. When you need a drive wheel to turbocharge your forklifts, conveyors, lifts and more, we’re here for you.

Here’s a sampling of some of our most recent custom jobs (all with polyurethane treads that wear like steel), along with some sample applications:

Keyway and Set Screw

How it works: This is the most common way to attach a wheel to a driveshaft. A groove (the “keyseat”) is cut in the shaft. The matching slot in the wheel hub is called a keyway. The key fits space created when the keyseat and keyway are aligned. Once in place, the wheel is locked to the drive shaft. Set screws provide the force needed to secure the wheel and the key in place on the shaft.

Benefits: Simple and cost-effective

Sample Hamilton application (pictured):

Flanged Track Wheel

Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs.

The 18" dia. double flange track wheel was designed for a wastewater treatment plant as a primary component of a travelling bridge system that spans a 50- x 100-foot clarifier pool

QD Bushing or Collet Style

How it works: Both the bushing and wheel have a slight taper. Tightening the wheel to the bushing compresses it on the shaft. A keyway further secures the wheel to the shaft.

Benefits: More secure connection, less wear and slippage over time

Sample Hamilton application (pictured):

Poly on Steel 6 x 3 QD bushing

Drive wheels for automatic hoists/overhead automation

Wheel and Hub Assembly

How it works: Similar to the wheel on your car, the wheel bolts directly to a hub attached to the drive axle

Benefits: Highest rigidity for high torque applications

Sample Hamilton application (pictured):

Special Poly Drive Wheel

For Rail Guided Carts (RGC) and Automated Guided Cart (AGC)

Want a drive wheel in your life? Contact our sales team.

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