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32 wheels make this extreme rollerblading suit 100 percent rad

Saturday, Jun 27, 2020

Remember rollerblades? Such a sweet 90's ride. Well, they’re making a huge comeback apparently in the age of COVID, as people struggle to find more creative exercise outlets. And as we set out to find our own ways of staying fit—Hamilton-style—we found the perfect jam for our rolling ways...

Check out this guy: His name is Jean-Yves Blondeau, better known as Rollerman. For his final graduation project at an industrial design school in Paris, Blondeau created a suit of full-body armor, adorned with 32 wheels from head to toe, back to front. The result is something you can only watch to believe. Called “body gliding,” it’s like he’s breakdancing and skating all at once, a modern superhero gliding full-bodied at speeds of more than 60mph like he’s luging through a concrete jungle. Rollerman’s been up and down mountains, amassed hundreds of millions of likes on TikTok, and even appeared in Hollywood movies.

Guess it’s time to bust out our fanny packs and Walkmans again. No mask required.

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