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Our new UltraGlide wheels delivers more push, cush, and staying power

Thursday, Apr 21, 2022

In our tireless quest to provide customers with the exact product they need when they need it, Hamilton is proud to introduce our newest UltraGlide™ wheel series. It’s Hamilton’s latest modular solution designed to reduce the amount of energy needed to move loads in manual or powered applications.

Our crack engineers have been hard at work to architect a wheel that’s even more hard-working than its predecessor. The new UltraGlide™ still features independent swivel surfaces that eliminate scrubbing, making it much easier to turn. It still has the same split outer raceways to minimize friction for low startup and maintain forces . But that’s where the similarity ends and the magic continues...

The new UltraGlide™’s ball bearings have been upgraded in both size and quality to provide more than double the bearing life. Hamilton engineers also designed the die cast aluminum center with a new concave face that concentrates the compression of the urethane toward the centerline of the tread. It’s a key innovation that simulates the cushiness of a thicker, softer tread, but provides the same durability and longevity as other more conventional heavy-duty wheels.

With UltraGlide™’s new modular design, the one-inch-wide wheels are assembled separately in true multi-wheel arrangement, allowing for even more product configs. For example, the new UltraGlide™ supports a 3” wide assembly in a small 3-1/2” diameter and can expand to a 6” wide assembly in a 12” diameter.

Our UltraGlide™ assemblies are offered in three different polyurethane types and two tread profiles: either flat or a new crown profile with a unique easy-rolling flat center band. All are backed by Hamilton’s three-year product warranty and available mounted on many of our broad line of industrial casters

UltraGlide™ Ergo : Ideal for applications where rollability and a softer ride are key

UltraGlide™ 24/7 | AGV : Best for continuous duty operations such as AGVs, AMR's and/or outdoor environments

UltraGlide™ XC : Starring Hamilton’s same Duralast® XC polyurethane, for when you need the highest load rating possible

Of course we also offer these new UltraGlide™ wheels mounted in Hamilton's industrial casters. Check out our complete offering here on the new UltraGlide™ Casters landing page. With this release, Hamilton will be upgrading all future orders of the 10-year old twin-wheel series with the new and improved UltraGlide™

Need the new UltraGlide™ in your life? Let’s roll. Contact us

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