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We conjured this coil cart before the customer needed it

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2022

Here at Hamilton, we try to anticipate what our customer needs before they even know they need it. Case in point: We’ve long recognized the demand for an “off the shelf” cart we could offer the steel industry. Steel coils are ubiquitous in so many manufacturing applications that require accuracy and strict tolerances.

What if we designed a standard cart offering that was flexible enough to accommodate the many coil sizes that are used in the industry?

We got our crack engineering team on the case to design a prototype, and we even approached a nearby steel and metal processing plant down the road from us to test drive it firsthand. No sooner did we get feedback from the plant than we received a request from one of the world’s premier automotive manufacturers for…wait for it…a steel coil cart. Serendipity or shrewd foresight? Both?

With a 22-ton payload, the cart itself has a versatile design, able to cradle either uncut master coils (as seen in the video) or accommodate a series of “mults” (master coils that have been cut into narrower slit coils) with the help of removable center stakes to keep them upright. Couplers, retained by the use of a hitchpin, can be mounted at either end and at two common heights for towing, while side lashing rings provide extra tie-down power to restrain the coils as needed. Open tubes at the front allow easy fork truck access or can be used to power/steer a loaded truck.

Coil Cart
  • Capacity: 45,000 lbs. (capacity can change based on wheel selection)
  • Deck Material: Steel plate
  • Steering Type:Caster steer
  • Running Gear: 12” x 4” Hamilton Spinfinity Maxi-Duty Dual Swivel Casters, (Shown in video, 12” x 5” DuraGlide 3” thick tread to reduce psi on the ground)
  • Couplers: Tongue with towing eye at front and back
  • Coil Size: Outside diameter up to 84”; width up to 72”
  • Superstructure: Removeable posts to secure different width rolls
  • Finish: Safety Yellow

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