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Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023

Nobody likes being described as “pushy.” Except if you’re a Hamilton custom cart, that is.

And, boy, do we have a pushy one for you. It’s our latest custom rail cart designed to give our friends at M. Bohlke Veneer, a worldwide leader in wood and timber products and veneers, just the “push” they needed to make noticeable improvements in their production line.

They came to us frustrated with the old cart system they were using on the veneer grading line to determine the quality, consistency, and value of each run. The carts, which are operated on a plant rail system with track wheels on one side and metal wheels on the other, are moved up and down the line to separate each lot of similar veneer grades onto a pallet for storage and ultimately shipment.

The major problem with this system was the amount of force needed to move a 4,000-pound payload. Due to worn, smaller wheels and roller bearings, pushing these carts felt like a Herculean effort. It didn’t help that each cart’s short wheelbase made it prone to shifting and binding—no bueno for pushing. They tried using carts with swivel wheels, then moved to two carts, and even tried dollies. But nothing really worked.

Enter Hamilton to push the boundaries on product design possibilities. Taking into consideration the cart’s low deck height and working to fit the existing track and current pallet design, Hamilton improved alignment issues by switching from two shorter carts to a single longer one. We also implemented larger single-flanged track wheels and flat-faced metal wheels with precision ball bearings to reduce the rolling resistance and keep everything running smoother.

The result? We’re happy to report that our customer said these improvements have been a game-changer for their backs, as the push force on these carts is about 1/10th of what it was. They’re much easier to maneuver and control.

So you can be the boss.

XT3519 Rail Cart

  • Capacity:5,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size:44" wide x 108" long
  • Deck Height:8.75"
  • Construction:All Steel / Partial Open Frame
  • Steering Type:Rail cart w/ track wheels and flat wheels
  • Running Gear: S(3) Special XW2103 Track Side / (3) W-820-MB-1/2 Flat Side

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