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Proof that Hamilton trailers can ace the test

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023

When you think about it, proof loading—in a metaphorical sense—is kind of like a stress test for the soul. Resilience is tested, strength is measured, and the essence of endurance is revealed. So when we were recently tasked with a job that required proof loading to help determine the load bearing capacity of a piece of equipment, we dug deep to get the job done.

A prestigious East Coast university approached Hamilton with a unique challenge: design a trailer system to help proof load 25,000-pound capacity cranes using cubes as the litmus test. The process would involve loading cubes onto a specially-designed trailer outdoors, and then moving the trailer manually into a clean lab for the testing phase. Once inside, the trailer and its cube cargo would be lifted and held for 15 minutes. The catch? The combined weight of the cubes and the trailer could not surpass the 25,000-pound threshold.

Our crack team of engineers buckled down and architected a drop deck design to ensure optimal weight distribution and successful testing. We also designed a three-inch lip around the sides of the trailer to help with load retention, adding an extra layer of safety and efficiency to the process

Because productivity is always good for the soul.

XT 3530 Custom Cube Transport Trailer

  • Trailer Type:Drop deck caster steer
  • Capacity:Rated to ~20,000 pounds
  • Deck Size:Drop deck 96” x 96”
  • Duty Cycle:One move per four years
  • Deck Material:Steel
  • Superstructure:3" tall "lip" along each side of the lower deck
  • Steering Type:Caster steer
  • Running Gear:Swivel polyurethane casters at front; rigid polyurethane casters at rear
  • Finish:Safety yellow
  • Other:Fork pockets at rear to push trailer into facility; lifting shackles/rings

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