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This heavy-duty tile trailer goes with the flow

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023

When you’re in the custom cart game, you need to stay flexible and open to unexpected changes.

One such order for a leading tile manufacturer gave us the chance to flex our Johnny-on-the-spot muscle and deliver for the customer, a leading tile manufacturer who was in the midst of building a new facility. They needed a towable cart to move bundles of ¾-inch-thick, heavy stone slabs such as marble and Quartzite indoors. The bundles were a cumbersome load, measuring 72 inches high by 144 inches long and weighing up to 8,000 pounds. After working through the specs, our engineers architected a six-wheel design with fixed center wheels and towing tongues on both sides for two reasons: 1) So the cart could turn around within its own radius, and 2) So the cart could be towed from either end.

And for extra fun, the customer lobbed us a last-minute request: they asked us to integrate and install customer-provided racks into the design to provide extra security for the bundles. We were happy to oblige with a trailer design that’s as secure as it is versatile.

Need a custom cart partner that can respond to your ever-changing needs? Let our Hamilton design team adapt with you.

XT3507 Six Wheel Trailer

  • Capacity:8,000 pounds
  • Deck Size:60" Wide x 96" Long
  • Deck Height:~14"
  • Deck Material:Steel /Open Frame
  • Superstructure:None
  • Steering Type:Six Wheel Caster Steer / (2) Swivel Casters Each End - (2) Center load wheels
  • Running Gear:(4) S-WH-8GB95 and (2) W-1231-GB95-3/4
  • Operating Environment:Indoors / Concrete Floors - Moving 50 feet, ~20 times per day. Aisle widths are 60 inches. Moving up to 1 full bundle on each side. Bundles are usually (10) 3/4” slabs maxing out at 7000 pounds per bundle for largest. Bundles are 72" H x 12" Long. Loop type towing tongue of sufficient length to account for 144" long load, centered on a 96" long cart

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