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All eagle eyes are watching for these celebrity eggs to hatch soon

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

Two intrepid bald eagles are proving themselves to be as resilient as a Hamilton caster. And we can’t stop watching live on YouTube.

Of course, we’re talking about the heartwarming saga of this beloved bald eagle duo of California’s Big Bear Valley. Jackie and Shadow have captured headlines of late with their incredible live cam display of dedication and parental prowess after welcoming a rare third egg to their clutch in January.

In a heart-stopping 62-hour vigil in February, mom Jackie never left the nest and braved a severe snowstorm to protect her precious eggs, at times covered completely in snow. It was heartbreaking to watch her shield her eggs from the storm despite fierce winds and considerable layers of snow accumulating on top of her and the five-foot avian abode perched high atop the pine trees. But she never left their side, while faithful dad Shadow brough fish, food and shelter back and forth to his beloved family.

The active year-round live cam was strategically placed up in the trees by non-profit Friends of Bear Valley almost a decade ago, and the couple have generated quite a devoted following around the world ever since. Parenthood hasn’t always been perfect. Over the years, our favorite feathered parents have lost eggs that have been nonviable, and some have been eaten by ravens. In their first year, hatched bald eagle babies have less than a 50% chance of surviving, but our hopes are high for this precious bundle.

This week, everyone will be on high alert or “pip watch” (pip is the term for the first holes eaglets make in their shells). Starting February 29, experts predict that we can start to look for signs of the eggs hatching. So keep your computer tab open and your eagle eyes peeled.

Happy birdwatching.

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