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Our Nylast® wheels are now a triple threat of capacity

Thursday, Mar 28, 2024

Heads up, monster applications. We’ve leveled up our high-capacity A-game once again to tackle even more of your maximum muscle loads.

Our Nylast® wheels, those trusty workhorses crafted from solid high-performance nylon, just got a serious boost. We’re talking sizes up to 24 inches in diameter. That’s right, we’ve tripled our load capacity, giving you more muscle to flex in your most demanding applications.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill injection-molded nylon wheels, Nylast is in a league of its own when it comes to resilience. With superior impact strength, these bad boys are built to thrive under the harshest of conditions. Every aspect of Nylast, from the face to the bore, undergoes CNC machining to strict tolerances, so consistency and quality come standard. Nylast wheels aren’t just tenacious—they’re smart, too. With a higher degree of chemical and moisture resistance, they’re your go-to for applications where durability is key. And because they’re lighter in weight than forged steel or polyurethane, they’re gentler on your floors, too.

With these larger Nylast wheel diameters hitting the scene, we’re ready to offer the big leagues even more solutions to carry the weight of the world, from aerospace and defense to ship and bridge building or construction. Our Super Duty and Extreme Duty Caster series are even more primed to handle heavier loads, provide enhanced versatility and keep on rolling in the toughest environments.

Got a jaw-droppingly heavy-duty job to carry? Let Hamilton lighten your load.

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