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Meet Hamilton’s new Director of Sales Andy Stamp

Thursday, May 23, 2024

With more than two decades of sales mastery under his belt, Hamilton’s new Director of Sales has built a career on record-breaking turnarounds and winning strategies. Is it any surprise that this Ohio native used to play college football and loathes a traffic slowdown? Get ready to tackle new opportunities with Andy Stamp.

At a high level, how would you describe your new role with Hamilton?

Andy: As the Director of Sales and Business Development, I will work with and manage our inside sales team and outside sales team, focused on initiating and engaging in a growth initiative to expand our business and grow our sales.

How do you feel you can add the most value to Hamilton?

Andy: Over my 26-year career, I’ve honed my expertise in developing new business and expanding existing sales and marketing platforms across various industries supported by Hamilton Caster. My proficiency in leveraging CRM systems to analyze data and drive strategies will be a key benefit.

What drew you to Hamilton? What are you most excited about?

Andy: The culture, stability and leadership. I’m excited by leadership’s desire to grow and push new boundaries. And I’m confident in my ability to complement and lead the team.

What are your hopes for the future of sales at Hamilton?

Andy: Profitable and sizable growth in all product groups. The goals include expanding into new customer bases, increasing Hamilton’s footprint nationwide and ensuring that we are the #1 preferred heavy-duty caster and the “only” choice for heavy-duty carts and trailers.

Can you sum up some of your past career highlights?

Andy: I firmly believe that highlights often follow lowlights. One of my first highlights was creating the first total Low Voltage Pure Electric industrial gluing system—almost 13 years after I started the company. After chasing the industry leader for more than a decade, our products and growth had become stagnant. I decided a total company “pivot” was needed to reinvent our identity and market positioning. In just two years, we were able to engineer a totally new line of equipment, go to market, and shift our product sales from 98% pneumatic to nearly 98% all electric. The company nearly doubled in size over the next five years.

A second highlight came in 2022 when the company I was directing had a lull in sales due to many factors. Down by nearly 30%, we entered the end of Q3 needing to shift tactics and aggressively pursue new business. We implemented a fast-track growth initiative that targeted existing customers and outstanding proposals. By the end of December 2022, we had not only recovered the 30% but actually exceeded Q4 targets for the best Q4 in company history.

What is a fun fact about you?

Andy: I played football at The Ohio State University and kicked off the 1997 Rose Bowl game.

What would others say you excel at most?

Andy: Coaching and mentoring sales—and creating and implementing sales growth strategies.

What characteristic do you admire most in other people?

Andy: Transparency and Empathy

Who would you like to meet most in history and why?

Andy: George Armstrong Custer—I am a history fanatic. But without question it would be Jesus Christ for no reason other to hear his voice.

In another life, what might you be doing if you weren’t in Sales?

Andy: Western Fly Fishing and Adventure Guide

What superhero talent would you most want?

Andy: Flying because traffic drives me nuts.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Andy: Spending time with my kids and wife camping and going on adventures.

Andy, we’re thrilled to welcome your talent and drive to the Hamilton family. As our President, Mark Lippert, said it best: "Andy possesses the hard-to-find ‘biz dev gene.’ It’s that rare genetic makeup of someone who thrives on the hunt for new business while also possessing incredible energy and focus to be successful. More importantly, he's a heck of a nice guy."

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