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Injuries Chicken Out After Hamilton Switcheroo

Friday, Dec 20, 2013

When severe back strains and shoulder injuries plagued workers at a frozen food plant, safety manager Ed Coleman prescribed a hefty dose of Hamilton.

“We had people suffering the kinds of injuries that can ruin careers,” said Coleman. “You could look at someone trying to move 1,150-lb. racks of fried chicken and know the body isn’t supposed to bend that way.”

At first, he and his team tried cart caddies, but those failed in the tight spaces inside the plant. That’s when they sought out new casters and wheels.

Pit Hamilton Against the Competition

“We tried half a dozen different casters and wheels. Hamilton’s Polylast™ wheels outperformed them all,” he said. “They only took 10 lbs. of force to move our enormous racks. And our guys could do it standing up without contortionist moves.”

To solve the ergonomic woes for one of the largest food manufacturers in America, Hamilton’s Marty Wilson flew to Arkansas.

“You never want to see people hurt,” said Wilson. “At that point, it’s more just about finding a caster. It’s about putting people back to work.”

Workplace Injuries Plummet by 100%

Since switching to Hamilton 7 years ago, musculoskeletal injuries decreased by 100% at the factory. And for some employees with non-work-related injuries, Hamilton prescribed specialized wheels that required even less force to move.

When news of the plant’s success spread, industries of all stripes came calling.

“We had other food manufacturers and all sorts of industries – even hospitals – call us,” said Coleman. “They had similar problems, and we had the answer. Hamilton.”

Sorry, chiropractors.

Do you know a manufacturer that needs a Hamilton ergonomic intervention? Call Marty Wilson at 888.435.1489.

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