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Website Overhaul Gets Friendly with Customers

Monday, Jun 29, 2015 just got a whole lot better – thanks to you. We rolled out our new product page design, which makes finding the right caster and wheel for the job quick and easy.

To do so, Hamilton conducted user studies with our customers. In English, that means we talked to engineers and distributors, and watched their screens while they operated our current website.

We learned what you like – the style, detailed product information and the product finder (once you found it). On the flipside, we heard you loud and clear when you told us it felt crowded, and took a few too many clicks to track down the perfect caster.

Here are some of the new features:

Product finder migrates north

where you can’t miss it. The new version now lives at the top of the page, instead of tucked away on a sidebar. A cleaner, expanded view makes it easy to select features like wheel diameter, floor type and capacity.

Tabbed view won’t torture your eyes.

With hundreds of caster and wheel combinations, our old product selection tables intimidated even the most seasoned reps. A new tabbed design fixes that. Only interested in swivel no-maintenance casters? Hit the swivel tab. Searching for metal wheels with precision bearings? Click the corresponding tab. Your eyes will thank you.

Speedy category view.

You know the job demands super high load capacities, and you want to quickly compare our Super Duty models. Now you can click “open category” to view all casters in a series, sorted by load capacity.

The results of this click-tracking test helped us make more user friendly.

Room to breathe.

Through research, many engineers and caster distributors said our product pages felt "claustrophobic.” The new look lightens things up, without sacrificing critical information like features and specs, mounting plate dimensions and wheel choices. It’s not magic, but better use of space.

There's much more to experience so please explore.! Thanks again for the feedback, and we hope you enjoy the new website. Tell us in the comments, or drop us a line to let us know how we did.

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