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Hamilton Squares Off Against Workplace Injuries with New Swivel Tech

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015

Ergonomists, meet Swivel Squared Technology.

The new design significantly reduces the force needed to push or pull carts, and prevents one of the most common issues with swivel casters: lock up.

“It prevents one of the most common issues with swivel casters: lock up.”

“Swivel casters tend to lock up during tight turns or sudden changes in direction,” said Jeff Spektor, chief engineer at Hamilton Caster. “One or more casters becomes misaligned, and it takes a hefty amount of force to reposition the cart. That’s where injuries happen.”

Hamilton’s new technology features offsetting ball races, or “kingpins,” to ensure the casters stay pointed in the intended direction.

End users that must adhere to strict ergonomic standards, like automotive and aerospace manufacturers, will find Swivel Squared Technology especially useful.

“Nowadays it’s common for companies to demand that push/pull forces not exceed more than 40 pounds,” said Spektor. “Swivel Squared Technology is the solution.”

We’ll keep you updated in early 2016 with an official release date. For now, it’s currently being tested at several major auto manufacturers, who have already reported to us positive results.

Feeling brave? Read the full patent here – all 5,490 words of it.

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