Manufactured Lean in the USA
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Wheel DiameterWheel FaceWheel TypeSwivel Model NumberLoad Capacity (lbs.)
@ 3 MPH
Load Capacity (lbs.)
@ 6 MPH
Load Capacity (lbs.)
@ 10 MPH
95TerraTech Black RubberS-ZFSEC2-95PORB43003600270012 38109
95TerraTech MaxS-ZFSEC2-95POYB-MAX60004000360012 38109
95TerraTech StandardS-ZFSEC2-95POYB60004000360012 38109
95TerraTech UltraS-ZFSEC2-95POYB-ULTRA60004000360012 38109
95TerraTech White RubberS-ZFSEC2-95PORWB43003600270012 38109
105TerraTech Black RubberS-ZFSEC2-105PORB45003700280012 78119
105TerraTech MaxS-ZFSEC2-105POYB-MAX60004000300012 78119
105TerraTech StandardS-ZFSEC2-105POYB60004000280012 78109
105TerraTech UltraS-ZFSEC2-105POYB-ULTRA60004000320012 78119
105TerraTech White RubberS-ZFSEC2-105PORWB45003700280012 78119