Manufactured Lean in the USA
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Wheel Diameter
Wheel DiameterWheel FaceWheel TypeSwivel Model No. Roller/Prec. BB3 YR.MSRPSwivel Model No. Tapered Brgs.3 YR.MSRPLoad Capacity (lbs.)Overall HeightWeight Lbs.
63Nylast®S-MDD-63NYB$1,116 108001060
83Duralast XC® S-MDD-83DT70$93065001178
83Nylast®S-MDD-83NYB$1,271 144001166
83Super Ultralast® S-MDD-83STRT$1,583700011101
83Superlast XC® S-MDD-83SYT70$1,25288001199
83Superlast® S-MDD-83SYT$1,14470001199
83Ultralast® S-MDD-83TRT$1,17560001178
103Duralast XC® S-MDD-13DT70$1,02078001387
103Nylast®S-MDD-13NYB$1,361 152001374
103Ultralast® S-MDD-13TRT$1,34872001387
104Super Ultralast® S-MDD-104STRT$2,1041000013140
104Superlast XC® S-MDD-104SYT70$1,5941300013140
104Superlast® S-MDD-104SYT$1,4551000013138
123Duralast XC® S-MDD-12DT70$1,193910015 12137
123Duralast®S-MDD-12DH$933S-MDD-12DT$1,102700015 12125
123Ultralast® S-MDD-12TRT$1,439840015 12127
124Duralast® S-MDD-124DT$1,263960015 12135
124Nylast®S-MDD-124NYB$1,944 1600015 12155
124Super Ultralast® S-MDD-124STRT$2,3761200015 12215
124Superlast XC® S-MDD-124SYT70$1,7621560015 12213
124Superlast® S-MDD-124SYT$1,6001200015 12213

Hamilton HPI™ Technology

Hamilton Precision Integrated

The Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Series features Hamilton’s Precision Integrated HPI™ Swivel Technology. The new technology outperforms conventional CNC-machined ball raceways, kingpinless, and unit load bearing swivel constructions. 

Hamilton Durability

Three Year Warranty

The Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Series (MDD) is backed by Hamilton’s Three Year Product Warranty. Refer to selection table for qualifying wheels.

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