Custom Truck Helps Tap Oil Reserves 1 Custom Truck Helps Tap Oil Reserves

"Drill, baby, drill!" Our team was pumped about building this custom truck for Baker Hughes oilfield services in Houston, Texas.

The cradle truck transports precision titanium rods that are key to major deep-water drilling operations. The rods measure temperature and conditions inside the hole to let engineers know exactly what’s going on miles below.

And because the rods are sensitive, we designed the truck with protective cradles to prevent damage to the load. And to keep the oil flowing, of course.

Here are the tech specs:

  • Size: 36" wide by 72" long by 36" high overall
  • Frame of steel channel with cross bolsters of steel angle
  • Two side-by-side, full-length v-cradles to house 6" diameter rod
  • Surface of each cradle covered in ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW) to prevent scratching of the rods
  • Each cradle is equipped with three latches to stop movement of the load
  • Tilt-type running gear: Two swivel and rigid casters with 8" by 2" plastex wheels with roller bearings
  • Capacity: 500 lbs.


Sales Engineers Good. Robots Bad. 2 Sales Engineers Good. Robots Bad.

With chops in manufacturing, production and engineering, our seasoned sales engineers are unlike the typical customer-service drones.

Their wealth of knowledge means you won’t waste time fumbling through automated telephone menus. You’ll talk to real people (not robots) who know which caster thrives in a smoldering factory. And if they don’t know the answer to your question, our engineers are within earshot.

Our pros understand that custom or standard, ordering the wrong part eats away at your bottom line. And they value your time, so they always expedite orders.

The last thing they’ll do is spit a part number back to you. But if that’s all you want, they can help with that, too.


Get to Know a Caster Junkie: Joe Ford 3 Get to Know a Caster Junkie: Joe Ford

If you've ordered from Joe Ford, you know him for his calm demeanor and passion for problem solving. But you probably don't know he crafts wooden pens and loves cutting the grass.

Here's a peek inside the world of our "newest" sales engineer, who's been with us for 14 years.

Favorite Part of the Job: When a customer calls and tells me how well the caster or truck they ordered is performing. Especially custom jobs. Followed by them ordering another one.

Hobbies: I'm a woodworking addict – everything from table legs to pens. I also enjoy fishing. And cutting grass (don't let my family know).

Pets: Two dogs. A terrier mix and a border terrier.

Favorite Book or TV Show: Watching the news to keep up on current events, or reading woodworking magazines (while I watch the news).

What Most People Don't Know About Me: I'm a caster sleuth wherever I am. Most of us here are probably guilty of it, but whether I'm at Lowes or standing near a PODS container, I'm checking out its gear. I love seeing our products in the field.

Best Qualities of a Hamilton Sales Engineer: The ability to listen carefully to a customer and not jump to any conclusions. Sometimes an order that seems standard can turn custom with one detail at the end of a chat. Also, it's important to stay current with technology. Years ago, only the top manufacturers used AGVs. Now everyone does.

Want to learn more about Joe, or order from him? Call him directly. 888.435.1486.


The Big Number: Moving Tons of History 4 The Big Number: Moving Tons of History

Trucks and casters rule materials handling, but outside the factory, some jobs demand slightly bigger wheels. Like moving buildings.

To pave way for a modern development, Washington, D.C. hired Expert House Movers to haul six historic brick structures and transplant them down the street. The buildings, which weigh up to 2,000 tons, will be gutted inside and transformed into new shops and restaurants with a classic façade.

The $200-million operation is part of the city's effort to preserve history rather than bulldoze it. For more on the move, check out NPR.


Round About: Car Tires as Art 5 Round About: Car Tires as Art

Next time you get a flat tire, consider your misfortune another man's work of art. Belgian artist Wim Delvoye carves detailed patterns and floral designs into tires – all in the name of art. See more of his work at Junk Culture.