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Sunday, Jan 27, 2019

The average American lifespan is 78 years old. Of that time, you will likely spend a depressing amount of time—approximately 43 days—on hold. We can’t have that.

That’s why today, we’re proud to introduce the latest weapon in our customer service arsenal—Hamilton Texting. No matter where you are—be it on the production floor or just out in the field—you can direct message (text, Facebook IM) a member of our technical sales staff to make all your dreams come true. Got a quick question? Text us. Want to snap a quick photo of what you mean? Send it via text.

We want every aspect of your customer experience to be fast and easy. Last year, we rolled out Hamilton live chat. It’s been a huge win for our customers, who tell us they love it for its convenience factor. And now we’re building on that momentum with yet another fast and easy way to stay in touch on the go.

In 2019, we’ll continue to find new and better ways to help you connect with us in the best way that works 4 U. 👍 👍 😁 😁

Ready to send your first text? Message us now at 513.863.3300.

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