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Why ride a motorcycle when you can rock a Monowheel?

Monday, Jan 28, 2019

It’s no secret we love anything eccentrically powerful on wheels. In the past year alone, we’ve featured an electric skateboard, a smart electric bike, a rock-climbing wheel and an off-road wheelchair.

To keep the hits coming, we bring you our latest rolling curiosity—the Tractor Monowheel. Kind of like a unicycle that you ride on the inside, this version of a Monowheel weighs a whopping 500 pounds and boasts a massive tread over its metal frame.

It’s zany creator, Hunter Howell, a sports enthusiast who rides “all types of crazy machines,” wants you to know that riding a monowheel is nothing like riding a motorcycle. It’s powered by a five-horsepower lawn mower engine mounted in front of the drive. To turn, you simply lean in the direction you want to go. One handle houses the throttle, the other is connected to the brake. Getting the combination right—not too much gas and not too much brake—is half the fun.

We’re thinking about racing them at our next employee outing.

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