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Spot the robot dog is now for sale

Friday, Jun 26, 2020

You may recall we reported a while back on Spot, the famous Boston Dynamics robot dog that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease. Welp, now that he’s got a track record in remote operations and autonomous sensing, this agile pup is finally ready to sniff his way into consumer pocketbooks—that is, if you’ve got a mere $75K lying around.

This is especially good news for our friends in manufacturing and other industries, as COVID is making it harder for businesses to access work sites. Spot’s been hard at work over the last several months, patrolling construction sites, conducting industrial inspections and monitoring hazardous environments for early adopters to learn more about how Spot might revolutionize the workforce.

Starting today, you can even customize how Spot interacts and behaves by purchasing his software development kit on GitHub. The puppy’s meant to be modular, able to tackle a variety of jobs by strapping on different attachments, too.

For those who have the bank (max two per customer, please), Spot can be yours in about six to eight weeks after ordering him on the Boston Dynamics website. Spot comes with two batteries and a year warranty.

But does he bark?

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