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All aboard for a railbike ride through the Redwood Forest

Saturday, Sep 26, 2020

Here’s a fun fall excursion that begs us to put pedal to the metal:

  • It has big wheels on tracks (We’ve got big wheels for tracks)
  • It’s pro-USA (We’re manufactured USA lean)
  • It’s got e-power (We just talked about e-bikes last month)
  • It’s got history (We’ve got history)

And it just might be the coolest thing you’ll do on wheels all year.

California’s famed Skunk Train has transformed America’s unused rail lines into open-air tour routes with not trains but custom-built, two-person, electric-powered railbikes. If you live near Fort Bragg (or want to plan your next west coast getaway), grab your best bud and pedal your way through dappled sunlight while taking in the gargantuan beauty of the area’s legendary redwood trees. Ahhhhhhh.

You don’t need to worry about steering, and you can pedal at your own pace, unbound and at one with nature. The seven-mile roundtrip route includes a 50-minute layover so nature lovers can picnic or venture further into the redwoods on foot.

Here’s to seeing the forest for the trees.

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