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These are some of our favorite problem solvers of the caster world

Thursday, Nov 18, 2021

Problem, solution. Problem, solution. We love being on the latter end of this sentence every day here at Hamilton. For all kinds of customers and all kinds of applications. Bring us your tired, your challenging, your complicated. Whether your job calls for special materials, ultra-high capacities, special track wheels or unique bearings, we can build it. Here’s a roundup of some recent custom specials that are helping to make our customers’ lives easier.

8 x 2-1/4 Bore with Axle

  • Application: The wheels are part of an outdoor trolly system meant to support hydraulic cylinders
  • Problem: The previous wheels were getting clogged with a lot of dirt and grease
  • Solution: Our crack team of engineers designed a system that capped the axle and bolt on the exposed side to protect it from the elements

In-Line Stainless Steel Dual Ridge Caster

  • Application: We can’t disclose much because this was a top-secret application for a government satellite company...
  • Problem: But we can tell you the customer saw this all-stainless steel caster we did years ago and just knew they had to have it for themselves on a smaller scale
  • Solution: This In-Line Dual Ridge Caster features ultra-durable and spotless stainless steel. The back-to-back wheels support each other and roll on rails. When the first wheel goes over a bump on the tracks, the back wheel stays on the ground to keep the 15,000-pound payload flat and running smooth at 1mph.

Poly Ultra 2 1/2” Axle

  • Application: ????
  • Problem: The customer had an existing trailer application that used a pillow block bearing setup. But their wheel was worn out, and they wanted to upgrade to something more durable.
  • Solution: We served up our new TerraTech™ Ultra Press-on wheels—while permanently attaching a 2 1/2-inch axle to fit directly back into the application—thereby helping the customer avoid reduced downtime and/or a potentially costly cart upgrade. And when the wheel does eventually wear out, the customer need only press off the rim and replace the tread. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, TerraTech road warriors are the answer to support applications running up to 10 mph continuously and carrying heavy loads up to 13,000 lbs. The benefits? A longer run life and buzzing productivity.

Whether you need a custom caster for a unique application or something more standard, Hamilton can solve all your material handling problems. Let’s talk. Contact us now

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