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New Enhanced Maxi-Duty Casters Ride Low, Haul 20 Ton

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015

Hamilton’s new addition to its caster lineup handles up to 20 tons and keeps a low profile.

The Enhanced Maxi-Duty (EMD2) Series features dual wheel forged steel wheels for heavy manufacturers who need to boost load capacities without increasing overall height. The forged steel wheels are precision CNC-machined with a slight crown for improved rollability and swiveling, then clear-coated for a beautiful pristine appearance.

A hybrid of Hamilton’s Maxi-Duty and Ultra Maxi-Duty lines, the new EMD2 series packs a small mounting plate paired with a massive swivel construction.

The common mounting plate size (8 ½ by” 8 ½”) makes it easy to swap out existing casters with EMD2.

The mounting plate is 5/8” thick joined with a 1” thick swivel base. The legs are ¾” thick and welded continuously inside and outside the swivel base. The main load bearing is an immense 7” diameter thrust ball bearing while the secondary load bearing is a 1-1/4” precision tapered roller bearing to counteract radial thrust.

The new series is offered in wheel diameters starting from dual 8” x 3” wheels rated @ 28,000 lbs. up to dual 12” x 4” wheels rated @ 40,000 lbs. Our customers didn’t waste any time enhancing their heavy operations with EMD2. Some of the first models ever built have already been deployed by the Department of Energy.

Check out our EMD2 product page to learn more about our rugged new casters.

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