Custom Solutions

A Few Samples of Custom Designed Casters & Wheels


flanged wheels
flanged wheels
non sparking wheels

Super heavy duty ductile iron flanged track wheels are rated at 18,000 lbs.

Specially molded flanged Plastex wheel.

Manganese bronze is an option where non-sparking wheels are a must.

forged steel wheel
flanged wheel
urethane pallet rollers

This forged steel wheel has been fitted with a special square bearing allowing it to turn on a square shaft.

Have it your way! This single flange bronze wheel was designed for a telescope.

Urethane pallet rollers like this are available on special order with bore and bearing specifications to suit customer requirements.

triple wheel swivel caster
flanged wheels, urethane coated v-grooved wheels
casters furnished with manganese bronze wheels

Dual purpose, triple wheel swivel caster provides floor protection when not running on angle track.

Special wheels engineered by Hamilton for unusual applications include (l. to r.) urethane-coated flanged wheel, offset hub two-component urethane wheel, and urethane-coated V-grooved wheel.

Casters furnished with manganese bronze wheels are well-suited for environments requiring spark-proof wheels.

dual wheel
center flange guide wheel rigid caster
AGV casters

Dual wheel 18" dia. cushion-tired rigid caster for 10,000 lbs. capacity.

Unusual center flange guide wheel rigid caster for 5,000 lbs. capacity.

AGV Casters are custom engineered from popular MD, EHD, and HS swivel assemblies. Heights, offsets, and capacities can be tailored to suit.