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Electronic Pricing Tool FAQ



The tree on the left section of the screen will serve as a means to navigate through the price book. The “Display By” drop down box at the top of the tree allows you to filter products by series (alphabetical), catalog 290 (Aug. 2002 - Jul. 2008), or catalog 300 (Aug. 2008 - present). All of these filters will take you to the same products and are just different ways to group our available products.


Narrowing Results

By clicking any heading from the tree on the left, you will narrow the results of your selection. For instance, if you click the Casters heading, you will see all available casters. If you then click the Champion, Series CH heading, you will see only the Champion casters that are available.


Selecting Parts and Part Options

From the search results section of the screen, all products will have a checkbox next to them. You can select a product by marking its checkbox. Some products will have a  symbol next to them. This indicates that there are available options for this part, and if you click the  symbol, you can then configure the part with any options you would like by marking the option's checkbox.


Printing a Hardcopy or to PDF

Once the desired parts are displayed in the results section, you can then click the printer icon next to the Display By drop down box to print all of these results or the PDF icon to view all of the results in a PDF format.


Using the Pricing Tool to Build a Quote

Once a checkbox is selected for any part, that part will be added to the Running Totals section on the bottom of the screen. If you have added options to the part, then the total unit configuration will be added to this section. This is ideal for quoting, as you can then print the Running Totals section by clicking the printer icon  next to the Running Totals header.


Exporting Prices to an Excel File

You can click the excel icon , located above the navigation tree, at any time in order to export your search results to an Excel file. Depending on how many parts are listed in your search result, this could take a few minutes.