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Manufactured Lean in the USA
Hand Truck from Prohibition Era Surfaces 1 Hand Truck from Prohibition Era Surfaces

Back when Al Capone waged war on prohibition and Babe Ruth dominated pro baseball, Hamilton Caster began to build hand trucks. Nearly a century later, one of our original relics still chugs along thanks to the help of Dan and Edna Whiteley.

After discovering the hand truck at an auction in Southeast Ohio, the couple restored it close to its original condition.

Although the model is the same as the trucks we built in 1920s, we can't be certain exactly when it was made because the serial number is worn off. But production date aside, the Whiteleys were impressed that the rig still runs smoothly and that we still manufacture all of our products in Hamilton, Ohio.

Capable of hauling 1000 lbs., the fully armored Model 31-A hand truck weighs just 65 lbs., making heavy loads a breeze to haul during the Roaring Twenties. Reinforced steel prevented deterioration and helped the truck last a lifetime.

Even in a new era, some things, like Hamilton's unmatched durability, will never change. And thanks to the Whiteleys' passion for "back in the day" hardware, we can relish the nostalgia, too.


10 Ways Hamilton Lights Up the Holidays 2 10 Ways Hamilton Lights Up the Holidays

While Santa gets all the credit for delivering presents, Hamilton quietly manufactures platform trucks that UPS uses to haul packages. And that's just one way Hamilton fuels the holidays. Here are more:

  1. Snowplows use Hamilton casters to keep streets hassle free.
  2. The Rose Bowl Parade features our casters on the iconic floral floats.
  3. Boeing uses our casters to build planes to bring families together.
  4. Disney moves its Dumbo-sized Christmas tree stands with our casters.
  5. Santa Claus, Indiana is home to our casters at amusement park Holiday World.
  6. Football stadiums around the country use our trailers and casters to transport beer kegs to concession stands.
  7. Meatpacking factories use Hamilton trucks to haul chicken, turkey and ham that end up on dinner tables.
  8. FedEx depends on Hamilton to ship millions of packages.
  9. Oil companies use custom Hamilton trucks to carry gasoline drums to fuel thousands of trips and flights.
  10. Major hotels order Hamilton casters to move everything from luggage to room service for out-of-town guests.


How Hamilton Leads Economic Growth 3 How Hamilton Leads Economic Growth

Economic woes have Americans fed up with big business and gridlock in Washington. But, according to Chief Executive Magazine, politics won't fix this crisis. It's plain old capitalism that will get the United States back on track.

Author Ram Charan outlines a six-step plan for getting things moving in the right direction. Here are his ideas:

  • Local job creation. While Capitol Hill attempts to hammer out the budget, business leaders from each state should work together. With a united strategy, companies can focus on lucrative exports that create jobs for local companies, stimulate the economy and grow a trade surplus.
  • Drive local companies to export. Many businesses aren't equipped to manage exports. With a united system in place, larger companies can help these businesses ship products overseas. At Hamilton, we already ship globally, but it will take 10-15 states working together to create a roaring expert engine.
  • Job training. Businesses and state governments should work together to determine which industries suffer from skill deficiencies, and create training programs to combat them. Technical job training leads to more innovation, increased productivity, and economic growth. It's always been Hamilton's philosophy to provide on-the-job training and promote from within. Many of our team members have worked in various parts of the factory and front office!
  • Create an agenda that outlines which industries, markets and foreign countries to target for exports, and if any regulation is preventing those sectors from performing.

To fix the country's economic crisis, U.S. businesses must work together. And for companies like Hamilton, we're already driving change by creating local jobs, managing global exports, and providing job training to boost productivity. It's an ongoing effort, but we've been doing it since 1907, and we don't plan on stopping – even when the economy prospers again.


The Big Number: Meet Us at ProMat Booth 1271 4 The Big Number: Meet Us at ProMat Booth 1271

Hamilton will join 800 exhibitors at ProMat 2013 from January 21 to 24 at McCormick Place, Chicago. Join Steve, Dave, Jim, and Mark Lippert, Marty Wilson & new arrival, Karin Laine, at booth 1271 and see new innovations like our Son of Mini-Mite Low Profile casters and premium Ultralast™ wheel, and what we have planned in the New Year.
Register for free here.


Hamilton's New Blog: A Sneak Peek 5 Hamilton's New Blog: A Sneak Peek

It's time to revolutionize The Revolution. Next month we're launching our new blog, which will house this e-newsletter, white papers, Hamilton buzz, videos, and stories from our engineers, sales gurus and management crew. So for the caster junkies who crave tech specs and CAD drawings of our most complex custom products, or the sales gunslingers who want selling tips straight from our seasoned sales engineers, the new Revolution Blog from Hamilton has it all. Check your email in January for the next issue of The Revolution and head to our new blog.


  • Issue: December 2012
  • 1 Hand Truck from Prohibition Era Surfaces
  • 2 10 Ways Hamilton Lights Up the Holidays
  • 3 How Hamilton Leads Economic Growth
  • 4 The Big Number: Meet Us at ProMat Booth 1271
  • 5 Hamilton's New Blog: A Sneak Peek