Combination Brake Caster Series... Available PRONTO®

An caster series from Hamilton Caster features a foot pedal that, when activated, simultaneously locks both the swivel mechanism and the caster wheel. The chrome zinc-plated swivel caster features high-strength hardened double ball raceways for long service life. The upper raceway has been specially engineered so that it also serves as a dust cover to block out dirt and grit.

Bending over to lock the caster is not necessary. The pedal assembly, made from sturdy space-age plastics, is ergonomically friendly and simple to engage/disengage from the standing position.

The Combination Brake caster is available in 4", 5" and 6" sizes for 2" face wheels. Seven different resilient tread wheel types are offered, including Duralast®, Unilast®, Poly-Tech™ and Versa-Tech®wheels. All models are stocked at the factory for 1-2 day quick-shop PRONTO® Service.

This attractive looking caster is well suited for light industrial and institutional applications with load capacities ranging from 300 to 750 lbs. depending on the wheel selection. Food handling, mobile tool chests, warehouse stock carts and laundry hampers are just a few of the possible applications for this caster series. Optional accessories include bearing seals and thread guards.




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