Hamilton introduces New EnduranceTM Series that represent the "best of breed" in Kingpinless-style Caster...

Hamilton announces the new EnduranceTM Series casters that represent the "best of breed" in kingpinless-style design. The new casters, manufactured from hot forged steel, are designed to accommodate both thrust and radial forces and tend to swivel more easily under extreme loads. The top plate and inner raceway are formed from one piece, providing a superior raceway for shock conditions.

This forged design outperforms the standard steel plate welded to tubular steel inner races, especially in abusive and impact-loading situations.

Once formed, the raceways are CNC-machined and then induction hardened to ensure a uniform depth in hardness in the swivel raceway. The induction hardening and the CNC-machining together produce one of the finest precision swiveling casters in the marketplace today.

Hamilton's new standard Endurance Series (pictured on right) is designed for 2" and 3" wide wheels for capacities up to 3,000 lbs and a new Super EnduranceTMSeries (pictured on left) is designed for capacities up to 5,000 lbs. Wheel choices range in size from 4 x 2" to 12 x 3". All EnduranceTMSeries casters are finished in bright zinc plating and come standard with a choice of six different wheel types. Standard bearing selections include precision ball bearing, precision tapered bearing, or straight roller bearing.

This series is stocked at the factory as part of Hamilton's 24-48 hour PRONTO® quick-ship service.




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